House raising

Let our team raise your structure out of harm's way

If you live in Atlantic County or along the Jersey Shore, you know how many homes and businesses were tragically affected by Hurricane Sandy.


MASE Enterprises can tear down old structures that can’t be renovated. Before demolition takes place, there are important steps that need to be followed. We will remove hazardous materials, make sure all permits are up to date, see that electricity has been shut off, and conduct a comprehensive safety check of the premises.


As a result of the destruction from storm damage, some homes in certain flood zones are required to follow flood protection guidelines. These guidelines are intended to minimize potential damage should another storm hit down the road.


If you or someone you care about is in a flood zone, come to Mase Enterprises for professional home raising. Starting at the very top with our senior management, every employee in our organization is committed to providing attentive, efficient, and respectful customer service. From the time we show up at your door through the final goodbye, our goal is to give you a positive and satisfying service experience.  


•Conventional Wood Pilings

•Helical Pilings

•Slab Separation or Elevation

•Foundation Repair and Replacement


Professional house raising

Protect your home or business with meticulous house raising.

Flood waters can cause a significant amount of damage to your home or business. Save your property from destruction with our house raising service.

Give your home a boost for safety

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