Pick the responsible demolition team

There is a whole host of reasons that your home or business may need to be demolished instead of simply renovated or remodeled. Often, old structures can't be renovated. Call in our professional demolition team to safely tear down older buildings.


Your safety is incredibly important. We also want to minimize our negative impact on the environment. Our seasoned team follows a number of important steps before the demolition occurs.


- Safely and appropriately remove hazardous materials

-  Confirm that all permits are up to date

-  Determine that the electricity has been shut off

-  Conduct a comprehensive safety check of the premises


When our team is on the job, you are protected against safety concerns, unexplained delays, and unexpected fees. Your demolition will be completed quickly and responsibly by one of Jersey Shore and Atlantic County's premier demolition providers. We also do house raising. Read on to learn more!


Demolish your damaged space.

Call in Mase Enterprises for safe and professional home or office demolitions.

Overcome the damage sustained from Hurricane Sandy or the impact of age. Wipe the slate clean with a residential or commercial demolition.

Start fresh with a demolition

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